JD Wayne portrait
of Ashley Wineland

Ashley was recently honored to have her portrait done by artist JD Wayne.

JD is a Certified Bob Ross Instructor CRI and CRFI, a Wilson Bickford Trained Teacher WBTT, and a MazArt Associated Painting Partner. His classes have inspired many aspiring artists who regularly attend his popular instructional seminars. However, JD is best known for his ability to start and finish a painting within the time frame of one song, earning him the moniker of “The Rock and Roll Painter.”  JD has his own television show in Indiana on Tuesday nights at 9:00 p.m. on WCTV Channel 21 (“The Rock and Roll Painter”) and has also appeared in the New York Times online magazine, among other notable accomplishments and recognitions in the art realm.  Visit JD Wayne’s website at www.therockandrollpainter.com

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of Ashley Wineland

  1. JD Wayne says:

    Thanks Ashley, this is cool! I really enjoy your music and Friday night shows. You are a very talented young lady. I enjoyed painting this portrait, glad you like it! Hope to see a show someday soon.

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